Wolf was my first dog, me and my girlfriend adopted him in 2013. He became my best friend, we shared everything. We were partners in crime. Always on each others side, day in day out. The idea to put Wolf in more of my work was always there. Wolf was loved in our city and neighbourhood. Friends, family and even strangers stopped by to give Wolf a hug, it felt only logic to give him his own comic character. Wolf mixed in scenarios that I only know from my favourite movies and music icons looks natural to me like he belongs there. Every drawing feels extremely joyful and puts a smile on my face. Sadly we had to let Wolf go during Christmas in 2019, it was really hard and still is. It’s quiet and boring now at home and outside. But the urge to continue with the Doggo Wolf series is even bigger. I will never forget him, and he will live forever in my work.


Four & Sons magazine

In the cult black-and-white French social drama La Haine, the main character Vinz likes to imagine himself as his hero, Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver, by acting out his famous “You talkin’ to me?” monologue in the mirror. Over in Eindhoven, illustrator Steven Janson likes to envision Vinz as Doggo Wolf, an anthropomorphic version of his German shepherd / Akita / Chinook cross, Wolf, who sadly passed away in 2019.

Janson’s work often depicts Doggo Wolf in a Vinz-esque tracksuit and Nike Air Max 90 trainers, hanging with La Haine protagonists Hubert and Saïd (in this instance, Wolf’s bull mastiff and Doberman friends), but sometimes they’re characters from The Sopranos, a pro-skater like Lance Mountain or Biggie Smalls, 2Pac or Dr. Dre. They’re tough but misunderstood, like Wolf, Janson says. “He looked so intimidating; people were afraid of him when they first saw him. But he had such a good heart and was friendly towards everyone.”

“[Doggo Wolf] is a mix of Wolf’s original character—calm, sweet and friendly—combined with all the stuff I really like and stand for,” Janson says. If Doggo Wolf was listening to music, it’d be Nate Dogg or Willie Nelson. “He doesn’t like country that much, but he can play Willie on repeat.” And in his spare time? “He’d skateboard a little and play some golf afterwards. Maybe play some Tony Hawk on the PlayStation One in the evening.” words by: jessa shields